Are you dreaming of organising an intimate and thrillling wedding abroad? Crystal blue seas, stunning beaches, white mountain tops, cultural traditions, beautiful countryside!

Planning a wedding abroad is exciting, but can be challenging, particularly when it comes to some of the finer details – like choosing your wedding flowers. Wedding venues abroad generally offer a limited choice of flowers and colours and if you are hoping to get your dream bouquet and venue flowers, you may be disappointed.

Planning Perfection


To help you plan perfect destination wedding flowers, we have the perfect solution...

Our destination wedding service cuts out the worry of finding a florist abroad that you can trust. You won’t have to struggle with communication issues or worry about whether the flowers will look right, and you don’t have to think about how you are going to get your flowers on and off a plane along with your luggage, your wedding dress and everything else!

We’ll help you design your own bespoke destination wedding flower package, then we’ll make it for you and post it to your destination wedding venue. It’s that simple. Our beautiful silk and dried flowers, herbs and grasses travel extremely well and our trusted couriers will make sure that your flowers are there in plenty of time for the big day. No worries about flowers wilting in the heat – get to the end of your celebrations and your flowers will look as beautiful as they did at the start!

Contact us to discuss your destination wedding flowers. We'll do our very best to help you.