What's in a Name?

The Sleeping Flower Co. is named in reference to the drying process that we put our flowers through. Our flower company was established in 2015, although we had many months of preparation before we started trading . Our original name was Moonflower. The Moonflower is a very pretty flower that sleeps during the day and awakes at night. This sleeping and waking process gave us the inspiration to eventually name ourselves The Sleeping Flower Company late in 2015. We believe that naturally drying and preserving flowers captures an alternative form of beauty, character and charm in each bloom, which can then be admired and appreciated forever in its ‘sleep like’ state.

We love our name - it's innovative and different - just like we are!  It's our trademark and it's what we are all about!

About Dried Flowers Bride


Who are we and what do we do?

We are a friendly, family company based in beautiful County Durham in the North East of England and we specialise in creating high end, spectacular dried and silk flower designs for all kinds of occasions.

Nature has provided us with a stunning display of colour, shape and style when it comes to flowers and our aim is to maintain nature’s natural shape and form in our work, adding a touch of our own design inspiration to the mix. 

We source our flowers locally whenever possible, and use roses, cut herbs, seasonal grasses, seed pods, exotics and a wide variety of other blooms and foliage in our work. Many of our flowers are dried on site in our drying hut. 

Our silk flowers are carefully selected for their quality and botanical correctness. They are very difficult to distinguish from the real thing!

The vibrant, yet muted colours produced by the drying process  result in flowers that have a rustic, bohemian appeal that cannot be produced in any other way. Combine these with high quality silks and you have a match made in heaven! The two flower types work stunningly well together and are endlessly versatile. 

Sleeping flower designs not only guarantee a stunning spectacle for your special event, but when it’s all over, they don't die! They can be taken home or given as a gift and still enjoyed for years to come!

Our Team

We have worked as designer/makers in the wedding and entertainment industry for over 30 years and have a wide range of knowledge and experience. Our standards are high and our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive and professional service. With a strong sense of style and colour, a variety of design qualifications and experience and a genuine passion for flowers, we think that our flower design team have an unstoppable combination of attributes! 

Photographs by John Hesford.